LifeSync is my senior thesis for my Bachelors Degree at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. LifeSync is a project management system that organizes contacts, emails, notes, projects, and tasks in a seamless manner. The interface is designed with icons to be understood globally. Your tasks and projects are organized as a Gantt Chart to easily manage your day. Items can be dragged from one area to another to to perform quick tasks; Example: Drag a contact into the email window and a compose email window appears, drag a note, project, or task into the same email and the details are attached. All your information can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. Even on a mobile device.

The backend was built in php and the web frontend was built using object oriented Actionscript 3. The mobile app built in php at mobile scale.

Visit LifeSync
Username: lifesync
Password: guest

Spring 2009


LifeSync Screenshot 1

LifeSync Screenshot 2



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