How do your clients put bread in your jar?

As I get further into my freelancing career I have started to weigh out some options to allow my clients pay me via some web service. Currently I am mailed checks for after each gig, but that gets to be a pain and doesn’t leave a clean record exactly what you are paid for each project. I am sure allowing my clients to enter a credit card is much more convient

Here are a some services I am considering:

Paypal: These guys have been around for a long and are becoming a standard in many places on the web. Their pricing is one of the down sides to their business. They charge 2.9% +0.30 for money transfers under $3k.

For Paypal Pro users there is Cashie: If you want to make a simple ecommerce solution on your website (or a credit card form for services billing) you can try Cashie. It is free to sign up and the company takes a 1% charge on all transactions…but this is on top of your paypal processing charges as well.

PaySimple: Is another service that has some really neat features that some of the competition doesn’t offer. With their fees you get recurring billing, electronic email invoicing, and a hosted secure payment page. This seems really great for the active consultant, probably not as strong of a choice for occasional contractor. Their fees are $34.95/month and 2.29% + $0.29. I signed up and their support called me within 20 minutes to see if I needed any help or had any questions, it was a nice personal touch.

Square: Want to accept credit cards on the spot? No more waiting around for you clients to mail you the check. Square is plugged into your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Android and allows you to type in an amount to be charged and swipe away. The card reader device itself is free, and small at that so no need to lug around a big card scanner. There are no monthly fees, and a 2.9% +$0.15 on swiped charges and a 3.5% + $0.15 on card keyed in orders. I could really see this keeping your clients honest and on time due to the nature of the in person transaction. As for remote clients, either you get charged the 3.5% or wait around for the check.


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