Chrome Web Store = Great for Web Designers

Chrome Web StoreWith the release of the Chrome Web Store I was pretty excited about the opportunities this brings for web designers/developers. When the Apple app store came out I wasn’t quite as excited due to having to learn another programming language. Sure I wanted to learn it, but along with trying to keep with design trends, and new practices in web development it got a little tricky to find time. The great thing about the Google Web Store is you can code up HTML5, CSS, and Javascript apps.

That is not the only benefit. The Google Web Store also provides a way for your custom apps to gain exposure. This is especially great for apps built without much content to create SEO traffic. Additionally it is only $5 to start putting up apps.

With the announcement of Chrome OS, the future is only looking brighter for those who design and develop on the web.

For only being up a day there already is a large number of apps out there.



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