WutzVeggie into DiscoverVeggie

WutzVeggie Redesigned and Rebranded into DiscoverVeggie. Provided a new user experience for this meatless menu finding website.


Redesign of a daily deal site. Provide new look and feel while only altering the CSS

Heaven’s Rain Movie Website

PHP development of Feature Film website, backed by a custom CMS I built from scratch

Discovery Education & XPrize Virtual Lab

Educational Virtual Lab to teach students about fuel efficiency in vehicles

Nervous Animation

Short rotoscoped animation depicting nervousness.


BFA Thesis Project: A new unique look at project management systems.

Integrated Design Solutions

Web portfolio for this Chippewa Falls based industrial design firm.


Flash web development and animation for this fun colorful cord management product!

Beyond Sidewalk Chalk Poster

Graphic design of poster to advertise a learning session Blue Devil Productions hosted.

Chris Koza and Haley Bonar Poster

Graphic design of music event poster.