Design and Development

Chrome Web Store = Great for Web Designers

The release of the Chrome Web Store yesterday got me excited about some of the new opportunities for web designer/developers like myself. With the Chrome OS coming soon the future is looking bright for those who work on the web.

Designing in Shopify

Recently I have been working on building an e-commerce site for a client using the tool called Shopify. Overall it has been a great experience. it is amazing how much control you get over the look and feel with be able to still create a fully functional e-commerce site.

Can’t Adobe and Apple Get Along

Being both an Apple and Adobe fan I am feeling pretty conflicted hearing some of the arguments going back and forth between these two companies. There was a time where all my clients wanted Flash design and development. Those days seem to be dwindling down…or are they?

Some really scary websites

In the spirit of halloween I have added a few screenshots of some really SCARY websites. Be careful though, the contents of this post my frighten even the most brave designers.

Sick of political commercials? Check out a political website

I am pretty tired of the attack ads online. To learn about my states Senate election I decided to visit the candidates websites and provided a quick analysis of the design and user experience of the two.