Chrome Web Store = Great for Web Designers

The release of the Chrome Web Store yesterday got me excited about some of the new opportunities for web designer/developers like myself. With the Chrome OS coming soon the future is looking bright for those who work on the web.

Designing in Shopify

Recently I have been working on building an e-commerce site for a client using the tool called Shopify. Overall it has been a great experience. it is amazing how much control you get over the look and feel with be able to still create a fully functional e-commerce site.

Can’t Adobe and Apple Get Along

Being both an Apple and Adobe fan I am feeling pretty conflicted hearing some of the arguments going back and forth between these two companies. There was a time where all my clients wanted Flash design and development. Those days seem to be dwindling down…or are they?

How effective was social media in the 2010 elections?

With as fast as social media is moving these days I was surprised to not see more of it in the elections. It seems many of the officials are still going big budget on commercials, door to door marketing, and phone calls.

Some really scary websites

In the spirit of halloween I have added a few screenshots of some really SCARY websites. Be careful though, the contents of this post my frighten even the most brave designers.

The most difficult client – You!

After spending months trying to design my website, I really wondered what my problem was? Why did this take so long? It wasn’t because of the complexity of the site, but more because the emotional attachment to the design. Does this really represent who I am?

How do your clients put bread in your jar?

I provide a quick look at four different options to collect payments from your clients via credit card. These services can provide easy tracking of your billing, but you are still getting charged between 2-3% per transaction.

Sick of political commercials? Check out a political website

I am pretty tired of the attack ads online. To learn about my states Senate election I decided to visit the candidates websites and provided a quick analysis of the design and user experience of the two.

Photoshop it Fast!

Hotkeys, saved styles, working with text… Some tips and tricks to start cranking designs out to meet your client’s or boss’s needs. "Can you get this to me by…umm…yesterday?"

Using javascript to make two flash files speak to each other

After browsing around on the web quite a bit I was struggling to find one source of information that covered all the details. I used this code specifically to shut the sound off one SWF when the other was turned on.