Can’t Adobe and Apple Get Along

Being both an Apple and Adobe fan I am feeling pretty conflicted hearing some of the arguments going back and forth between these two companies. Yesterday TechCrunch put out an article on Adobe’s Next Flash Excuse. The basic summary is that Macbook Air doesn’t come equipped with flash because it hurts battery life by around two hours.

There was a time where all my clients wanted Flash design and development. Those days seem to be dwindling down…or are they? I still think there is a place for Flash in the online gaming world. Maybe, one day when all browsers (maybe even IE) are HTML5 compatible it will be a different story, but for the time being Farmville is still built in flash and still has over 30,000 users.

On another note, does anyone else out there think maybe Apple is writing some logic to over work the processor when the user is running Flash? Sure it sounds a little crazy, but what better way to make Apple fans jump on the anti-flash bandwagon by bogging down their computer when the user loads it?



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